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Here’s What Others Have To Say

Seriously since I have been reading her post saying she read and attended to all comments, I do find it difficult to believe until this morning when she responded to a message withing 2 hours of delivery. The way she attend to all issues on her table shows she’s totally a different creature (genius). Today is not her birthday but I’m taking my precious time to celebrate this young, beautiful and heart of gold lady.
You’re the best.”
I’m humbled and grateful for knowing you.
You knocked me off my feet!
My heart is still smiling.
Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure cos money is not everything. #MukosoMedidem
Tominiyi Olukayode Adeoye
Tominiyi Olukayode Adeoye
If adopting someone’s name was a norm.
Mukoso would have appeared on my profile as my third name.
A virtuous woman, full of God’s dynamic blessings.
An ambassador of God, hater of immoralities,
Lover of everything good.
A mother, courageous lady , a friend and a good listener.
In a world where inspirational talks no longer yield impact, she remains an inspiration to many.
If only TRANSPARENCY was a name
It would have been her first name.
A humanitarian,
A model to many.
Thanks for the gift of you,
Knowing you has always been a blessing,
I couldn’t have asked for more.
Your dedication, consistency and motivations are one of the things that birthed this impact in me.
Thanks for breathing lives to our dreams.🙏🙏
Eunice precious
Eunice precious
So, Mama Mukoso Medidem has been reviewing my business plan with me gradually for over one week now.
You will be thinking you have an amazing, award winning business plan, business proposal, financial plan, wait till mama review your paper business works.
You will be ashame for priding in the rubbish for long now🤣
One thing about mama is that she is good with constructive paper works criticism.
But, once in a blue moon mama will shame you politely🤣
Me that has been thinking I have an award winning business plan
Kia, mama shamed me
Austine, what is it that you wrote in your executive summary?
I no fit explain what I have been priding on since
Shame catch me🙆
As a business/brand owner looking forward to win grants, have access to loans, win investors to your side even having new clients. You just have to check out your business paper works, scrutinize it for easy reading and understanding.
Igbo people will say ” Ahia oma na ere onwe ye”. (Good market Sell itself).
As a brand owner it won’t take you much to reach out to her.
I promise she won’t charge what you can’t afford.
I just want to see you grow as a brand owner❤
To a business success.
To a better Africa❤
I love you❤
Austine Mblitem
Austine Mblitem
I want to celebrate my WCW today Mukoso
In as much as I have known her since she was a little girl, I have followed her silently for a long time and admire her strength.

Recently, life happened, she became widowed but not withered, even in her grief, she has managed to affect lives positively educating and entertaining us through her writing and helping small businesses..
Mukoso,I look forward to reading your book some day 😁.
Thank you for affecting lives in a very positive way. I want you to know a lot of us are cheering you from the sidelines even if you don’t see us. You didn’t let your grief keep you down, you rose above it. God will continue to strengthen you.
For your information Mukoso Breathes life into dreams for SME’s. If you know you want to start a business and do not know how to go about it,
please contact her, she will make your dreams come true, even if you have started a business already, contact her to help you get clarity about what you really have to do to grow your business….cakes makers(my constituency members) no be to gather recipes o….act on the business side…contact her and make your life easy for yourself.
Trust me you will be glad you did
Amanda Ezekwe Sam-Wobo
Amanda Ezekwe Sam-Wobo